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A few words for the job hunt

As much as we can, we try to listen to the experiences of job-seekers. This includes those who are looking by choice (to move up or out, or make a career shift), those who’ve been laid off, and those who are returning to work (moms, for example). We also talk to hiring managers every day. So, that means we hear a lot of stories, and we have a pretty good view of what seems to be most effective in a job search.

Here are a few of the things we see people do who have the shortest time-to-hire.
1. They hold themselves accountable for making a certain number of fresh contacts every week. Rather than just recycling old contacts, they find ways to make new connections. They mix it up, reaching out to companies they’ve researched and in which they have an interest, as well as applying for posted positions.
2. They do a really good job of articulating what they can offer to a team. The best ones talk about their value in terms of deliverables, rather than strategy and planning. Employers want to hire people who can get stuff done. They tend to hire people who demonstrate they can walk right in and do that stuff.
3. They get out of the house, or out of the office. Every week they show up someplace where they can meet new people at a meeting or program, or they volunteer for an organization where they’ll make new contacts, or they join a special-interest club where they can generate fresh energy.
We admire these successful job-finders, so we thought we’d share these lessons we’ve learned from them. 
Tell us what advice you might share. What’s worked for you? What tips do you have for others?

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