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All You Need To Know About A Skype Interview

Companies hiring out of state or abroad usually choose a Skype interview with the aim of cutting out travel time and travel cost. The benefit is that you’ll be interviewed right from your comfort zone. However, as a candidate for creative or marketing talent recruitment, a Skype interview can be tricky. It requires an understanding of what your interviewer or recruiter aims to achieve from the interview.

Usually, a Skype interview intends to achieve the following:
• Clarifying details of candidates resumes.
• Testing role-related skills such as industry knowledge, communication skills and more.
• Screening for deal breakers such as interest in the role, work terms, availability and salary.

A Skype interview usually comes as a first round interview, however, you may also be called for a Skype interview as a second and/or third round of interviews. Regardless of the stage and expectations, the following are the basics that should guide a Skype interview:

1. Make a Great First Impression By Looking The Part
Dress as if you are attending an in-person interview. Your wardrobe must be in line with the company’s culture, philosophy and dress code. Look well-groomed and presentable. As far as Skype interview is concerned, the first impression makes all the difference.
2. Zero Distractions and Noise Level
Ensure you are in a quiet place in your home, away from noise and distractions. Turn off music, TV and your cell phone. The Skype interview should only be done in an environment where there is little or no audio or visual distractions.
3. Test Your Set Up Before Scheduled Date and Time
Review your log in details before the scheduled time. You can ask a friend to call you ahead so that you can test the audio and video quality. Practice how you will look in front of the camera. Most importantly, your Skype username should be professional and don’t forget to verify the timezone if you are in a different part of the country from your interviewer.
4. Keep a Pen, Notes and Even a Glass of Water Close By
It is a good idea to make some notes to refer to during your interview. This can be a bulleted list of key points you would like to discuss. It is important to maintain eye contact during the interview. By having notes, you can easily put forward a bullet point on what you’ll like to talk about without losing eye contact. A glass of water for when your throat goes dry should also be within your reach. You won’t want to excuse yourself throughout the interview.
5. When Technology Fails, Don’t Panic
Technology is not foolproof; there are bound to be glitches and issues. When this happens, remain calm and friendly until the problem resolves itself. In case you lose the interviewer’s audio, just ask to call back and continue the interview. Have their email and phone number as an alternate way to reach them.

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