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Confused About New Overtime Rules?

Confession: we all are. But did you know that one of the ways you can safely get more work done without taxing your current staff, or evading the IRS, is to hire a temporary staffing firm to provide the exact expertise you need to accomplish your goals? It’s easier than hiring an independent contractor. Simply tell us what needs to get done and we’ll find the perfect marketer, copywriter, project manager, digital pro, designer… you get the picture.

It might also be safer than hiring an independent contractor. According to Bill Martucci of the law firm Shook Hardy & Bacon in a recent panel discussion regarding the new overtime rules with the Kansas City Business Journal, the Department of Labor is very interested in the issue of independent contractors and what it really means to be one. Bill said, “[the Department of Labor’s] basic thought is even though you call yourself an independent contractor, if you work for one employer and the employer provides all the necessary tools of the trade, then you are going to be considered an employee. And, if you’re considered an employee, then the employer is subject to withholding, benefit and overtime questions.” Using a LandaJob temporary employee instead of an independent contractor saves you from all of those questions, because we take them on for you.

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