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Contract Employees Will Reduce Your Payroll Expense

Last year, I moved from the ad agency world to the recruiting and staffing world. Let’s just say I’ve learned a lot.

One shocker was the cost savings I could have achieved at the ad agency had I used contract employees rather than company employees – certainly not for all positions – but for many, especially in the areas of creative and digital.

When I totaled the cost per hour for full-time company employees versus the cost per hour for contracted employees, the savings equaled 14%. Yes, 14%. In the agency world today, what president or CFO would not want to reduce payroll in certain departments by 14%? The other kicker is that the talent level of contracted employees is often higher than in-house employees, and their motivation is greater. Lower cost. Better talent and attitude. That’s a pretty good combination.

At LandaJob, we specialize in identifying and placing contract employees in all types of marketing and creative positions. No finder fee and no hassle. We payroll the contractors and simply send one easy invoice to our client.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of contractors in more detail, please reach out and I can give you a firsthand testimonial.

R. Mark Perrin

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