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Employers: Policies and Procedures

Employment Laws – LandaJob abides by both federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity laws, and we expect our clients to do the same.

Recruiting Fees – Our recruiting fee is expressed as a percentage of the first year’s annual salary. On a contingency search (we’re paid when we’re successful), our standard fee is 25%. A retainer search , with terms agreed upon in advance, is available when you want our entire focus on your position.

Guarantee – Our guarantee is 90 days from date-of-hire. The exercise of that guarantee will be contingent upon on-time payment in full. If we’re notified during the guarantee period that the hire is not satisfactory, we will replace the person.

Service Selection – The services we provide for the fee will be agreed to by both of our companies. They may include any or all of the following: recruiting and screening of candidates, scheduling and preparing candidates for interviews, reference checking and presentation, and negotiation of offer with you and the candidate.

“Live” Candidates – Any candidates we present to you will be considered “live” for a period of 12 months. Your hire of them during that period will trigger a recruiting fee.

Agreement Letter – A letter of agreement will be issued with signatures from both our companies.

Confidentiality – We will protect the integrity of the information you provide us about your firm and its business. And we expect you to protect the confidentiality of our candidates’ information and searches.

Solicitation Policy – We do not directly solicit job candidates from active client firms. We may, however, receive unsolicited inquiries or resumes from within client firms. In these cases, we protect confidentiality just as we would with any other communication.

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