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Everything’s different now

We’re hearing from our clients that the volume of work is bouncing back, and they’re also hiring more temporary workers. This is good news for us at LandaJob, and also good for our associates whom we can unite with project work. But, it’s confusing and hard-to-adjust-to for many displaced workers. And even some employers don’t realize how easy it is to use temporary workers for project purposes; they mistakenly believe there’s an extra layer of complication for them, but in reality it’s easier (no 1099 hassles, easier administration).

In fact, “contingent staffing” (that’s the buzzword which encompasses all temporary, freelance, and project work) has been an enormous part of California’s mode of work for years, and now it is rapidly growing in other parts of the country, including the Midwest. Some estimate that by 2019, 40% of the U.S. workforce may be independent contractors (source: Time, May 2009). Workforce Management recently reported that 73% of employers expect an increase in their contingent workforce in 2010, with nearly 35% planning increases of 50% or more.
It’s different from the way many employers and workers have operated. But this mode of just-in-time solutions is the way we will get people back to work and maintain the productivity and even the innovation of American businesses. Many companies will keep their full-time employed workforce in their core competencies and outsource other necessary functions plus added capacity. This will create a need to adapt, but also outstanding opportunities for many workers who want to expand their flexibility and work longer before retirement.
What might this mean for your company or your career?

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