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Good ‘N Plenty? No, Fabulous & Free!

We’re excited to share our latest effort to help jobseekers:

This free, really, no-salesman-will-call, site is our effort to help jobseekers everywhere. It’s simple to sign up, easy to access tools for your job search, anonymous (naturally), and valuable. Did I mention it’s free?

The process is segmented into 3 parts: Preparation, Search & Connect, and Interview. Each of these areas contains 5 or 6 tabs to walk you through the process, like these:

*Assessments – again, free – find out what really trips your trigger
*Select: determine targets and your personal brand
*Resume/Cover letter/references – there’s a (free) resume builder, a resume review option and more (like a talking Career Wizard who encourages honesty)

There are some pieces you can choose to purchase, and only if you choose, and it won’t be a surprise. For instance, there’s a resume tune-up for only $59. There are other levels of resume re-write services that top out at $169 for a senior level jobseeker.

There are also (free) forms to help you, like an organizer (oh, joy! Have you really remembered to follow-up with every contact, every time, on-time?) and an interview de-brief form. There are video training clips, webinars (like “Objections are Buying Signs”), and one weekly email.

Here’s why we’re offering it: as recruiters for full-time positions and temporary staffing agents to the same clients, we are paid by the client companies who are hiring. And we can’t help every jobseeker as much as we’d like and remain in business. But most of us got into this work because we love helping great companies find great employees and vice versa. This career portal is our way of accomplishing that loftier goal.

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