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How To Prepare Your Social Media Profile For A Job Search

Landing your dream job isn’t totally dependent on your resume and cover letter anymore. Your social media profile plays a huge role as well. As much as you’ll spend time polishing your resumes and cover letter, a lot of thought also needs to go into your social media profile. Recruiters don’t just look at your resume or your cover letter alone; they run checks on your social media accounts. Whatever is found on your social media account could make or break your chances of landing the job. Don’t just start preparing yourself for tough interview questions, start by doing the following to give your prospective employer a reason to give you a call:

1. Take Time For a Thorough Clean Up

The internet never forgets. Keep that in mind as you look through your social media image uploads. Start by taking down all the pictures showing alcoholic beverages, any reference to illegal drugs or anything questionable to good character. It’s easy, whatever image, video or post that you think will make you turn red when shown on the screen in a board room, to take it down immediately.

2. Go Professional With Your Profiles

Start with a professional headshot across your social media accounts. Running a professional profile isn’t about LinkedIn alone; you can also maintain a professional profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Your posts should also represent a professional outlook. Start posting things like news about your industry, business updates, photos and videos of interesting places in your city or state.

3. Dig Up Stuff About Yourself Through a Google Search

A simple Google search will reveal a lot about yourself. Before going for your next interview, search your contact details and see what you can find. Preparing yourself in advance will enable you to be able to answer any questions which may come up during the interview.

4. Join Career and Industry Related Groups

There are thousands of groups on social media, and your prospective employer could check those you’ve joined. Stay relevant with industry-related groups on social media. Doing so will also send a signal informing your potential employer that you are well aware of the happenings in your industry.

5. Highlight Your Skills, Awards, and Achievements

There’s no better place to show off your skills and achievements than your social media profiles. Make sure that the skills and results you’ll be showcasing are ones that are relevant to your potential new job. Talk about your skills and fortify them with numbers. It’s one trick that catches the attention of a potential employer.

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