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Last post, we were singing …

and now, we definitely need to add to the choir. More jobs! Seriously, please take a look and pass it on to people in your network:

Now, there’s a need for:

*traffic manager for agency
*senior art director for in-house agency
*account manager(s) — in-house and agency
*admin/recruiting intern for LandaJob
*production artist for corporation
*on-going temporary designer — avg. 20 hr/wk
*online marketing manager for corporation
*CRM director
*PR manager for agency

We got embroiled in a Linked In discussion last month about search firms/headhunters/recruiters that took on a (bleak and angry) life of its own; a creative talent had some very nasty things to say about our profession. Although we’re sorry to hear it, long ago we realized every profession has some bad apples. And we continue to try to illuminate the process and rules of the road to manage expectations, but some people aren’t interested. We’ve got a track record that says we mean it when we say we put the employers’ and employees’ needs before our own. And, as we say to our clients: track record is everything.

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