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Contract: Policies & Procedures

Equal employment opportunity has been and continues to be both policy and practice at LandaJob. LandaJob provides equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants without regard to age, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, veteran status or any other protected status in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws. This policy governs all areas of employment at LandaJob including recruiting, hiring, training, assignments, promotions, compensation, benefits, discipline and terminations. In addition, LandaJob does not discriminate against any contract employee or applicant in work assignments, does not invite or honor discriminatory job orders or requests by clients and does not code applications or other documents to record the status of any applicant or employee. Any employee who violates this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

Hourly Rates – Your hourly pay rate range is negotiated based on your abilities and the market value of those abilities. Other factors may include what someone would be making internally to do the same job, and budget considerations. We will agree on a range with you at our first meeting.

Paid Holidays – After six months from your LandaJob start date, you are eligible for paid holidays if on the date of each holiday, you have worked at least 780 hours over the previous six months.

Holiday pay is based on the average of the hours worked on the workdays immediately preceding and immediately following the holiday (up to eight hrs.). For example, if you worked eight hours the day before and seven hours the day following a holiday, your holiday pay would be seven and a half hours at the regular hourly rate. LandaJob observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Paid Vacation Days – After one year from your LandaJob start date, you are eligible for paid vacation if : #1.On your one-year anniversary, you have worked at least 1,560 hours over the previous year and #2.You work on the first available workday immediately preceding and following that vacation. After one year, you are entitled to five days paid vacation (for each additional year, add one day per year up to 15 days if yearly hour prerequisites are met). All days off should be pre-approved by your supervisor and LandaJob, partial days may not be taken, and paid vacation time must be taken on normally scheduled workdays.

Work Phone/Fax – As soon as you are assigned your workstation, call LandaJob with your phone and fax number.

Change of Status – Call LandaJob immediately if, for any reason, you’re going to be late or not able to work the hours LandaJob has designated, your hours or work schedule changes, you’re switched to another department or supervisor, you’re moved from on-site to off-site or have any other status change. If your job is not as described to you when you begin your position or if it changes at any time throughout your assignment, call LandaJob. At the completion of an assignment, you must contact LandaJob within a week if you wish to continue your employment and be considered for other positions. Otherwise, you will be deemed to have voluntarily quit.

Confidentiality – While working for LandaJob, you will be exposed to information about clients’ products, services, programs, strategies, budgets, creative, media plans, personnel, company policy and other business-related information. All client information that you are exposed to should be treated as proprietary and confidential. Any infraction of this agreement can result in immediate termination and possible legal action by LandaJob and/or its client. Any and all work done as a LandaJob employee is considered “work for hire” and shall be the exclusive property of the client company (as defined by Section 101 of the US Copyright Act of 1976).

Working for LandaJob Clients – At LandaJob, we make connections between people. Making those connections is the service we provide our clients, who pay us for the work we do for them…and it is the way we make our living. Because of this, when we make a connection with you and one of our clients and we receive your permission to submit you as a candidate for a possible direct hire or contract position, you may not then solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any employment (contract, temporary, freelance, project or direct hire) from that LandaJob client (including all departments and subsidiaries) until one year following your last submission or until one year following your last day of contract work there.

Contract-to-Hire – Based on excellent performance by a LandaJob employee on a particular assignment, a client may choose to go through LandaJob to convert a contract assignment to direct hire status by paying appropriate fees. Our clients may also choose to repeatedly request the same candidate for ongoing contract assignments.

Internal Jobs – If, while you are on a contract assignment, you become aware of a direct hire position at the company where you are working, call us and we’ll pursue submitting you for the position. You may not apply directly for that position.

Time Sheets – The LandaJob pay period is Monday-Sunday of each week. On time sheets, you fill out information and hours worked during that time period, and then have your supervisor check and sign to confirm their agreement with hours of work completed. Only your designated supervisor may sign your time sheet. Time sheets may be faxed (please call to confirm our receipt of your fax) or sent to the LandaJob office, but they must be received no later than 10 a.m. Monday following a given pay period or your check will not be issued until the following week. You may choose, like many contract employees do, to fax on Friday afternoon. New time sheets are enclosed with every paycheck.

Weekly Paychecks – Paychecks are sent out on the Friday following the Monday-Sunday pay period. You may also choose our Direct Deposit Option. Your weekly pay will be deposited in your bank account on Thursday nights. You will then receive a paycheck stub showing earnings and deductions via mail. We take care of all taxes. Simply fill out the direct deposit paperwork. Paychecks are not available for pick-up at LandaJob.

Overtime/Other Expenses – If you work over 40 hours in a seven-day pay period (pay periods run Monday-Sunday), you will be paid time-and-one-half on those hours over 40. Please report the status of possible overtime to your supervisor for approval before you work over 40 hours. You should also get pre-approval for travel time and out-of-pocket expenses if you are to be reimbursed.

Injury – If you are injured on the job, call LandaJob immediately and we’ll give you instructions.

Operating Vehicles – You are not to operate machinery or vehicles or make deliveries using your vehicle without prior specific written consent from LandaJob.

Cash Handling – You are not to handle cash, negotiables or other valuables.

Harassment – LandaJob is committed to providing our employees with a safe and productive working environment. A complete copy of the harassment-free workplace policy is provided to every LandaJob employee.

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