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They don’t want to hire the unemployed. Seriously?

Should Unemployed Job Seekers Be Ruled Out? Some Think So

We’ve already heard from some of our clients that they don’t/wouldn’t adopt this practice. If you’ve never been affected by unemployment, this might not appear to be a bad idea. As recruiters, however, we know how much talent has gone under- or un-utilized in this economic shift (how do you spell tsunami?).

My outrage aside, this philosophy (or worse yet, policy) may convince job seekers to seek transitional employment. Taking a non-profit volunteer gig or starting a low-cost-of-entry service business (home repair, delivery jobs, etc.) can be a bridge job that gives a person access to more networking and industry opportunities. That path can make it easier for a person to present their current circumstances with a smile as they interview for the next career opportunity.

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