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Tips and Advice for Job Seekers

You never know when you might be looking for your next career opportunity, so always keep in mind the following to be ready for anything.

  • Keep a file of work samples, case histories, and kudos letters. Be ready to construct a portfolio when you need one — no matter what your job title.
  • Don’t get emotionally attached to the format of your resume. Be objective, flexible and able to tailor a different version for each opportunity. Update your resume every year whether you think you need to or not.
  • Maintain your exclusivity. Be selective about the positions you apply for.
  • Pay attention to your relationships. Internally, form meaningful alliances with people in all departments, at all levels. Eventually those people will have jobs in other organizations. Commit yourself to the development of those who report to you. Someday someone will ask them what kind of supervisor you are. Externally, bond with key people in client or vendor organizations. Eventually these people will move on, too.
  • Always make your boss look good. Those who matter will always credit you. And this is a critical relationship to maintain for your future.
  • Always tell the truth. Your reputation depends on it – and your reputation is everything.

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