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Warning: Some of your very best are burning out

We are hearing from lots of people recently. Yes, some calls are happy “we need to hire” calls, and there are still lots of unemployed jobseekers. But the preponderance of contacts recently has been from employees who are working and over-worked as business has picked up. One salaried person has logged over 80 hours in a week (so, no over-time and may not receive compensatory time either); another replied to a post for a lower-level job saying “I have to get out of here, before I have no family left.” Another said that they’ve never seen a comparable firm staffed this sparsely and that the work was suffering from it.

Employers, take note: lots of people have been giving it their all and then some to overcome the deficiencies in this business economy. If you want to retain these people and want to avoid the high cost of replacement (ramp up and training time, internal and external recruiting costs, customer relationships, benefits administration, etc.) but you’re not certain where the staffing budget will end up, consider using temporary/contract staff. Every field has staffing specialists who can provide every level of expertise within your business.

We know many employees happily situated in new jobs who were hired as temporary contractors, then converted to full-time, permanent employment. Try-before-you-buy works for all concerned.

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