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Why you need to use a recruiter

A major employer in our industry (but not in our city, so don’t try to figure it out) made an offer to a candidate with sterling web/interactive/social media experience for a VP position. From the start, the employer said “No problem, we’ll pay your relocation costs.” Then, oops … we meant we’ll pay $3,500. After a lot of negotiation , the employee and employer agreed on a more equitable, but not full, relocation package. And then the official offer letter arrived. The position was listed as “Manager”. You won’t be surprised to hear that the jobseeker said no thanks. But you might be surprised that the employer kept trying for an acceptance from the candidate for another few weeks.

All in all, the employer spent more than 4 months wooing, then screwing, this candidate. The short-term costs (all the company’s effort and time and trips for visits, etc.) are one thing … the long-term cost to their reputation is incalculable. A good recruiter can either manage the process more effectively or stop it, when either party is unreasonable.

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