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1985 Revisited

During this, LandaJob’s 30th anniversary year, we continue to look back at 1985 to see what was going on in the world around us:

Super Cheap — A 30-second spot during the 1985 Super Bowl would have set you back $525,000. That huge sum would have bought you less than four seconds during the 2015 game (this year’s 30-second spots selling at $4.5 million—or, $150,000 per second!).

Don’t Mess With That Brand — A very expensive lesson learned by Coca-Cola as they replaced their mainstay product with the “New Coke” brand in the spring of ’85. That bomb lasted less than three months.

That Plastic Thingy in the Pizza Box — In February of 1985, Carmela Vitale, of Dix Hills, New York, was issued a patent for the package saver, the plastic, tripod stool that later became known as the pizza saver. Most were discarded, with a few allegedly re-purposed as egg holders or dollhouse dining room tables.

Top of the Lists — On September 18, 1985, David Letterman introduced the now iconic Top Ten List, “Top Ten Words That Almost Rhyme With Peas:” #10. Heats, #9. Rice, #8. Moss, #7. Ties, #6. Needs, #5. Lens, #4. Ice, #3 Nurse, #2. Leaks, and #1. Meats.

Thirty years. Thinking a celebration is in order. Stay tuned…

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