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The year was 1985

The year was 1985. LandaJob was born (created, formed, hatched, pick one). Sometimes, it seems like a long time ago–sometimes, not so much. Over these next few editions of our newsletter, we’ll take a look back and see what life was like back then (shoulder pads and all).

The Kansas City Royals, of course, were the World Series Champions, beating the St. Louis Cardinals in the decisive seventh game, following the infamous “close” call (okay, you Cards fans, “blown” call) in game six. In sporting news less important to our area, the 49ers won the Super Bowl and Spend A Buck won the Kentucky Derby.

Technology brought us such wonders as the launch of the first version of Windows and the first .com domain name ( was registered. Compact discs were introduced to American consumers and British scientists discovered a hole in the ozone layer.

In the world of music, Madonna launched her first road show (The Virgin Tour), a host of who’s who in the industry recorded the Billboard #1 hit, “We are the World” (hope that doesn’t stay in your head the rest of the day) and, sadly, we lost Ricky Nelson in a plane crash.

Stay tuned for more, as our 30th anniversary gets closer.

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