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Why we run circles around other creative contract suppliers

As in any business or industry, competitors abound. It’s certainly true in the staffing and recruiting space. So it’s important to know the facts about who you do business with and what differences exist between staffing companies:

Us: LandaJob was founded in Kansas City 34 years ago and KANSAS CITY is still our hub today. We provide local jobs, pay local and state taxes and contribute to the community and to the Midwest.
Them: Many other staffing companies are headquartered in New York or Los Angeles and take revenue and jobs out of Kansas City.

Us: LandaJob has provided creative talent NON-STOP since the company’s inception. We have many clients that have relied on us for 20 or more years to deliver top-notch creative and digital contractors.
Them: Many national staffing companies enter the local market when economic times are good.

Us: LandaJob DOES NOT use a commission structure to compensate our staff who places contract employees, so decisions are truly based on who is right for the contract position and not on the amount of commission.
Them: Commission based compensation for contract placement is the accepted formula at most staffing companies.

Us: LandaJob DOES NOT double the rates of our contractors and we strive to be as economical for our clients as possible.
Them: Doubling a contractor’s rate, or more, is a common practice for many staffing firms.

Us: Confidentiality was a founding principle at LandaJob and always will be put first. We treat every candidate with complete CONFIDENTIALITY. Likewise, we will not publish available contract positions without client approval.
Them: Other staffing firms publish names or indentifiable profiles of available candidates.

In addition, we treat our contractors with the utmost respect and ALWAYS do our best to let them know the status of pending placements. When you need highly talented, proven creative talent, look to LandaJob. Proud to be a part of the Kansas City community since 1985.

We bring Kansas City and the Midwest the very best the marketing space has to offer.